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Comcast’s web utilizes the same wires that cable television does, which contributes to the widespread access to the service. These wire wires, which are made of copper, carry electric voltages to receive and provide data. As a more economical and occasionally older technology which runs on pre existing cable television lines or phone-lines, cable web is unlikely to attain the quicker rates that higher-quality fiber-optic lines can. Nevertheless, some have claimed that the business is slow to rollout such technology due to a lack of rivalry, although that cable web is technically able to reach gigabit speeds

Verizon FiOS utilizes fiber-optic technology–known as “fiber to the x” outside of the “FiOS” brand–to provide its websites. Fiberoptic wires are extremely thin–about the dimension of a human hair–and can carry pulsing light signals across long distances. The use of of sunshine of fiber’s makes it quicker than traditional copper cabling and much more capable of managing improved web traffic.

Comcast was set up in Mississippi in 1963. Over time, Comcast has merged with and obtained several businesses that were diverse, to ice hockey franchises from audio and retail suppliers. In 1996, Comcast started offering cable internet; highspeed broad band was rolled-out in 2002. Today, Comcast is the most popular cable web company in America.

Still, it was formed from two other, older firms that had merged: Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp. Verizon started offering its FiOS internet service in 2004. Like the cable internet of Comcast, Verizon FiOS is its kind (fiber-optic) in the United States’ most popular internet service; this is mostly as a result of its being the sole fiber optic service implemented on a largescale.

In case you don’t want to sign up with Comcast, which some consider to be part of an oligopoly in the communications business[2], there might be other cable web businesses in your region. Some of Comcast adversaries, at the least by citizenry protected, include Time-Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, Optimum, and Bright home systems.

For fiber-optic internet, you might have fewer towns or businesses to select from. Beyond Verizon FiOS, there’s Lightower Fiber systems, and stage 3 Communications, NetCarrier Telecom, Zayo Enterprise Networks, Fiber Tech, each of whom serve different places with internet that is fiber-optic.

The competition has been entered by Google with Google fibre, but its service is only available in Kansas, Kansas City and Provo, ut as of 2014. Austin, TX is Google Fiber’s next stop, and much more towns may access the service in-coming years.