About which is actually a service that is better, the truth Verizon FIOS and Comcast comparison

There was my bill, which contained 100s in incorrect costs. Just following a half hour on the telephone did I determine who I didn’t owe Verizon practically the same of the hire of a month and there was a mistake. Next was the pixelation as a mosaic that is blurry was turned right into by legislation & Order: SVU. Another contact, and over half an hour later, I had been told that in case the thing is found in the line, maybe not my DVR, I’d be on the hook to get a technology whose hourly rate would make an attorney rouge http://moveyourmoneyproject.org/.

I was released by earlier this weekend to unprecedented levels of cable-fury. The League’s season finale noted as planned, but would not play past the 2-minute mark. I recorded the following showing, and that one froze. On Saturday night, live television cramped upwards; I had to throw from highdef to regular every 10 minutes when one station ceased working to see The Walking Dead. Homeland performed through, but following the opening credits, the sound disappeared.

The headaches through all, the customer service department — once I finally get a human being on the telephone after upwards of 15 minutes on-hold — of Verizon is a definite improvement over Comcast’s. After my contact, an e-mail arrived having one and a coupon to get a free movie rent — a small token for my trouble. Yet another agreed to if any-more helpful advice was found by him to contact me back. All were apologetic, friendly and intelligible.

Nevertheless, when it costs more to see tv than to warm my apartment, can it be too much to anticipate equally customer service and cutting edge technology that isn’t crapping outside all the time? The training here is not the lawn is scarcely ever greener on the other side; the lawn of everyone is poor and yellowed with weeds in terms of cable. Rather, it is that hopefully in the next couple of years, we’ll have more ways to unplug altogether but still see the shows and sports we love. Till then, just take comfort in knowing the next time your DVR freezes, or you also spend half of a a work-day on-hold, the rest of us are just as depressed as you could be — no issue who you are investing in cable television.